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Archive for Stock Trading

Trading with an EA

A lot has been said about expert advisors. Some see it as the best thing that has ever happened to them, while others have seen it as the worst mistake of their trading lives.

I know a fellow who introduced the concept of trading binary options with expert advisors into an African country and made $50,000 in a single seminar. The attendees were so many that he had to change his venue on the spot. With the proceeds of his seminar, he started an alternative energy company which is thriving. However, the same could not be said about the attendees to his seminar as many of them had mixed results when they used the EAs sold in that seminar.

That event led me to do some research on EAs, and sometime later, I discovered that many of the EAs sold on the internet are unbelievable scams. It was not until I read an article by Steve Fleming that I discovered that it is possible to take a strategy and code it into an expert advisor. Armed with this information, I set about taking some of the strategies I had been taught and encoding them into EAs at a cost of $150 each. That decision has transformed my trading career as you will see in these snapshots:

What is the lesson here? You do not need to spend thousands of dollars buying untested and unproven EAs. All you need to do is to get a very good trading strategy, and get an MQL programmer (if you are using MT4) to convert this strategy into an expert advisor for you. If you are using Ninjatrader, Amibroker or TradeStation, you can also get a programmer to use the appropriate coding language to convert the strategy into a piece of code that will churn out trades that you can be sure of. 

If you visit online forex trading forums, you will come across many strategies and many programmers. Use the one that fits your trading style and risk profile. Not all strategies may be suitable. Some may have considerable drawdowns which your trading account cannot handle.

The good thing is that you have a choice if you use a strategy to prepare your own customized robot. You are not buying blind, which is what happens when you purchase a commercial and untested forex robot. So make that choice to automate the strategy that works for you, so you can replicate the kind of trading results that you see above.

Stock Fraud

While you may not need to worry about stock fraud when trading for your own forex account, any investor or speculator in the financial markets would do well to at least have a basic familiarity of what is involved in a stock fraud.

Unlike foreign currencies which trade in a huge, global marketplace, stocks of small companies can lend themselves to manipulation and fraudulent practices more readily. The primary reason for this has to do with the nature of the stock market and the comparative lack of liquidity which does not usually present an issue in the currency market because of its size and depth.

As a result, stocks tend to be more carefully regulated and monitored by agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission which was founded in the aftermath of the huge stock market crash of 1929. A variety of different fraudulent practices involving stocks are listed in the sections below. Read the rest of this entry »

Long Silver. Short Treasuries. A Trend I Like For Awhile.

I had a good week in the markets this week. Treasuries were brutalized, while precious metals, especially silver, did well. I have been gradually pushing more portfolio in favor of commodities, especially silver, and betting against treasuries for a couple months now.

I believe politics and government will affect the economy significantly. With our current economic crisis and the people’s belief that the government must “do something,” I think we’ll see a lot of intervention.
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I’m Betting Against Oil

Over the past year, oil (the commodity) has rocketed upwards. In 2008 alone, USO (an ETF that track’s oil’s price) is up 44%. Over the past 52 weeks, this ETF is up around 12%. Oil’s price increase, and the associated increase gas costs, are all over the networks and on television. It seems you can’t watch a half hour news show without someone whining about the rising gas costs.

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