Finding Information on Mutual Funds

For over 20 years, Morningstar is the recognized, trusted leader in providing current information on mutual funds. Before Morningstar was founded, in 1984, complete information about fund performance, management, and historical fund information was not widely available to the individual investor. Morningstar changed all this by providing essential mutual fund analysis and commentary that was simply unavailable to the individual investor before.

What started out as the quarterly published Mutual Fund Sourcebook in 1984 has evolved today into on online investment information portal serving over 5.2 million investors, 210,000 financial advisors, and 1700 institutions worldwide. Since its inception, Morningstar has operated on the adage that mutual funds were created for individual investors and that affordable analysis and commentary should be available so these investors can make educated decisions with their hard-earned dollars. Morningstar continues with this theme today. For $69, an individual can sign up for a 3 month trial subscription to Morningstar and receive detailed, comprehensive reports and analysis on the 1600 funds out of nearly 14,000 on the market that Morningstar feels are “worthy of your attention.”

Morningstar also offers “Self-Study Investing Workshops” with in-depth instruction on fund investment topics that can be difficult to understand. Topics include: Methods for Investing in Mutual Funds, Five Questions to Ask before Buying a Fund, When to Sell a Fund, and 7 Sins of Fund Investing. Each workshop is priced at only $24.95 – far less than other widely publicized investment seminars. Morningstar really does have the individual investor in mind.

Much of Morningstar’s information is available online for free – without the in-depth commentary and analysis that comes with a subscription. Morningstar regular publishes its ‘Best and Worst’ list of funds that is freely available. Other lists showing average fund manager tenure are also available at no cost. Morningstar famously rates funds from 1 to the coveted 5-star rating. The 5-star list is available here:

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