Stock - Unit Investment Fund (Uif) And Internet-Trading – What Is In Common?

Every second more or less informed person, if doesn’t know thorough mechanism of the investments and the principles of unit investment trusts’ work, but the words ‘UIF’ and ’share’ heard for sure. As for internet-trading - its popularity is not the same. Fund shares are considered as one of the most popular investment instrument.

When walking through a couple of blocks around the city or reading a couple of pages of financial issues, you will obviously meet the advertising or information about UIF. At the time even financially careful people started to invest in such funds. In contrast to this, according to questioning of 2005, the most part of the internet users don’t consider internet-trading as the source of the additional income, 30% know nothing about internet-trading, and 45% just are not interested in earning the money at the exchange through the internet.

Nevertheless UIF and internet-trading are almost twin-brothers: in both of these cases investor gets his profit due to the activities with securities (more often with shares and bonds). Let’s remind about such services in details.

Internet-trading is the up to date technology, which helps to manage the money, buy or sell securities through the internet. By means of the specially created for these purposes software, the opportunity of getting the distant access to the fund trades is granted. And striking the bargains at all the trade platforms in on-line regime comes to reality, at that the speed of activities performance and the software is the same as the professional members of fund market have.

Unit investment fund (UIF) represents the united resources, which people or legal entities jointly pass to the asset management of the licensed management company with the purpose of getting the profit. The share of such people’s resources is certified with the security – investment share.

So, UIF and internet-trading are:

- Work with securities;
- Investment instrument;
- The opportunity of getting the profit from the disparity of the security price during the some period of time.

However, if the internet-trading has to say thanks to up to date technologies for its existence - internet in fact, the UIFs started to move in this fast-developing direction just not long ago.

Every year the more favorable conditions are created in the market for involving the people to such investment process. During the last 5 years noticeable democratization is observed on the securities market. Powerful stimulus of this process became UIF popularization from one hand and the internet-technology development from another.

There are quite a few centers of share trading in the regions, because they are mainly concentrated in the large cities. The existing document circulation and the scheme of share purchasing itself are not so simple and take much time. There is a way out – buying and selling shares through the internet! Even more so that the management of the own finance through the internet system becomes gradually the worldwide standard.

Such opportunity is offered not by all companies. Nice exclusion – “Intway World Corporation”. So, nowadays with the help of Intway World Corporation internet-trading system it is possible to purchase not only the shares of the large companies but the shares of the different management companies. All this things you can do through the computer with the help of internet access, not coming out of your house.

With the help of Intway World Corporation internet-trading system the distance between the sellers and buyers of shares is shortened till the “mouse” press (by pressing the button). It is possible to buy or sell fund shares of the different management companies in Intway World Corporation. You get the opportunity, of own risk assessments and buy the shares of the fund which is more favorable for you, not through the cost-is-no-object journeys and long correspondence mailing. And for all this you need just to visit the web-site of Intway World Corporation. Admit, that it is very convenient!

More over if you are not satisfied with the profitability from the shares purchased, you can not only sell them at any moment, but also can buy another one immediately, which is more profitable in your opinion. The main advantages are: efficiency and the absence of the paper procrastination. Thereto, all your activities at Intway World Corporation are secured with your electronic-digital signature.

It is important that not only real and potential shareholders are interested in Intway World Corporation system, but and management companies as well. At the time, management companies act according to the principle “strike while the iron is hot” and rush to attract more shareholders. With this purpose they offer and new kinds of funds and try to increase the collective investment market liquidity. For that reason share trading is transferred to the fund exchange.

UIF come to rapprochement with the fund market, but in the Intway World Corporation internet-trading system you can at the same time to perform purchase/sale of shares and of fund shares as well. You will be able independently watch the fund market situation and track the changes of the other securities price in the real time regime. More over, if you won’t trade for some time, for example with shares – left for vocations or for long business trip, then you can “pass” all your funds to the professional managers after buying the shares. They in their turn will move your investments into the more profitable, reliable and liquid instruments.

With the help of Intway World Corporation you get the opportunity to control your money daily. Track at the monitor of your computer the growth of your capital and if it is necessary you can efficiently sell securities.

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