Learning Financial Planning through Asset Allocation

In order to understand the meaning of “asset allocation”, one should pay in mind that even the best performing asset differs from one year to the other and cannot be predicted easily. Thus, a safe mood is to invest in more than one asset class. Thus, by diversifying the overall risk (for you will be waiting for a variety of returns), you will have a more justified, fundamental asset allocation. Some critics describe this diversification as the “only free lunch found in the investment game”. Moreover, because of the problems associated with “active management” that have been discovered by academic research, many investors are drawn to the increasingly popular passive investment style.

Thus, to financially plan you asset allocation, you should start searching for the appropriate asset that reflects your abilities and the risks you expect.

Asset Classes Include:

- Bonds

- Cash

- Stocks

- Foreign currency

- Real estate

- Natural resources

- Luxury collectables (wine, cars, art, … etc)

- Precious metals



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