Self Directed Custodian IRA LLC - The Secret IRA

An IRA Retirement LLC is a specialized self-directed IRA account. These IRAs are structured in such a way that the accountholder has “checkbook control” of the account. The trustee doesn’t have to be directed to make transactions on behalf of the account owner; the account owner can make decisions on the fly, even by writing a check. Of course the funds are used in a retirement account, so usage of the funds has to follow the IRS rules established for other types of IRAs. The IRA Retirement LLC is truly a self-directed IRA account.

As this type of account infers in its title, IRA LLCs, also called ICOs, are actually structured as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). The IRA LLC is either partially or fully owned by a retirement account in terms of shares. This structure offers a lot more leniency in the usage of the retirement funds, even more than a “regular” self-directed IRA. For example, the IRA LLC can use funds as a down payment to purchase an asset, and then use the IRA LLC to finance the balance. In this situation the IRA LLC is functioning both as the borrower and the lender.

The LLC structure also keeps liability issues to a minimum. A “regular” self-directed IRA can invest in real estate but the funds in the account have direct liability to the asset. This liability is isolated in the IRA LLC. Many IRA custodians would not allow such “risky” investments because of the liability involved so the LLC IRA structure is the only alternative available to investors seeking these types of options. With “checkbook control” the trustee isn’t involved. Still, all income generated from the IRA LLC is deferred for retirement.

Another advantage is an owner of this type of account can expect low maintenance fees from the custodian due to the low level of involvement. However, the structure of the account is much more complex than other IRAs so higher fees can be expected during initial setup. Attorneys or incorporation specialists must be involved in the setup.

The possibilities available within the IRA LLC are nearly limitless.

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