Choosing The Best Stock Broker - 10 Stock Broker Requirements For Consideration

One of the most important decisions you can face as a seller is who should be your broker? The following guide-lines will help you to reach a decision:

1) If the brokerage firm gives a small number of assignments to each of its agents (for example, 5 per each), then it will definitely give its clients more attention and it will sell a high percentage of its listings. On the other hand, some businesses (for example, liquor stores and dry cleaners) will profit from a firm with many listings that will generate more buyers.

2) A broker should be able to understand your financial situations and lower your and your accountant’s uncertainties and skepticism.

3) A broker should be able to give professional material, summaries and presentations in order to present your business well.

4) A broker should be interested to learn about your business; such as, suppliers, the history of your company/ business, your financial situation, your products/ services and even your personal life.

5) Since bidding and negotiating multiple offers is always good for the business, look for a broker who is not afraid of such offers.

6) A broker should be able to successfully reach buyers whether through the mail, emails, advertisement in newspapers and/ or internet, multi-list services or telephone calls. Your broker has to know how to target buyers.

7) A broker must keep confidentiality safe during and after the sales process.

8 You have to be comfortable with the level of communication between your broker and yourself.

9) Check the percentage of listings the firm really sells; it varies from 20% to 90%.

10) Make sure your broker knows how to find the right buyer for you through a professional process.


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