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Have you ever heard the story of ‘Tortoise and Rabbit’? Yes, that’s the same principal to be followed in the stock market. Being fast in the starting takes you to nowhere because it takes time to understand any of the stock trading knowledge. The stocks world is the most unreliable and speculative world.

eliable and speculative world. It’s always better to play safe. It’s always a better option to opt for moving slow and gather the knowledge about this risk cell and then playing with it to extract the best profit out. “Be slow and consistent” is the rule for new investors in the stock’s world. Once, a skill of knowing the market is there, you can go berserk to obtain more and more profit. So began slowly, and then go berserk.

Stock trader, a person involved in the buying and selling of stocks, generally invests his hard earned money with a motto to fetch better profits. The investments may be made in shares, commodities of mutual funds. Shares refer to the share in profits of the company by paying an amount in return of the share certificates. Commodities are the fields that relate to the products available in the market. That may include gold, wheat and so on. These are the factors that actually decide the rates of a particular product in a certain market.

It is the choice of the stock trader to decide on the field to invest. As such investing in stocks is not a child’s play. It demands a handsome amount of knowledge, skills and brains to understand the speculative clouds and seek through them to get a better view. It’s always not easy to make the right investment decision. To assist, there are various service providers in the stocks world. They may be individuals or firms which provide these services in return of a percentage amount. This amount, in turn, is known as brokerage. The brokerage differs from 1% to 20% depending on the services availed. As such, the least brokerage tends to be for intraday activities (sale-purchase of stocks within a day) and increases in accordance with the time involved in the activity.

To assist the stock trader there has been a dramatic increase in the facilities available. With the technologies penetrated to the roots, it has also aroused interest of middlemen to invest. Various online brokers, stock trading channels, and tips of the company provide assistance to the online stock traders. Online trading, as such, has been the trend in this modern world. It allows even a small investor to have access to the vast stock’s world. People now can invest in stocks as well as carry their mainstream business. The investment in stocks can serve as an additional income to the investor.

However, various banks and other financial institutions are also providing support to this investment industry. The banks offer a 3-in-1 account facility comprising of savings account, and others to trade in stocks. As stated earlier, it is always beneficial to go slow in the beginning as a fear of loosing the amounts is always there. No one wants to loose his hard earned money and it’s really important to put an alert step forward. One should always opt for an expert advice but before the broker is finalized, it is important to negotiate over the brokerage terms. The smaller the amount is the better for investor. Brokerage plays an important role as a bit of your money is released with each transaction done. Hence, an intelligent stock trader must pay a lot of attention to the brokerage factor.

In conclusion, its better to be slow and consistent until the terms are clear and then it’s time to come for actual blasts.

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